Mere dost ke bete ne mujhe choda

usne mujhe choda aur social media pe meri kahani share ki. Niche padiye usne kya likha mere bari me


Hello friends, how are you? I am Suman. I am sorry, I was away since long time due to some problem but I have come back now to share my experience with Sarita aunty. I am sharing my first sex experience which I never shared with you before. She was my mother’s friend. She was widow and had two kids. Her elder son was in 10th class and I was in 12th that time. I was introduced to sex from one of my classmate when he share sex magazine with me. I belong to middle class family. So didn’t have computer at home. That magazine was so sexy and had lots of model’s picture in bra – panty and in swimming suit.

Whenever I used to see those pictures or read any sex stories, my dick started erected. I loved that feeling. It was wonderful wherever my dick pumped. I used to feel wetness. One day, I was reading a sex story. I was alone home. It was so horny. I removed my clothes and felt very excited. I didn’t know that I had not coved widows. I was lying on bed on my back. My dick was hard like a pole. I was handling one magazine in one hand and my other hand was on my dick and I was pressing my dick slowly.

It was superb feeling and I was enjoying. But, Suddenly, Someone knocked the window. I got scared and covered my private part with pillow. I saw that side and it was surprised, Sarita aunty was standing there and was smiling. She indicated me to open the door. I was so scared and worn my clothes and opened the door. She pushed me back and closed the door. She went inside and settled herself on sofa. I also went there and sat infront of her. I was not able to see in her eyes. She was still smiling.

She asked me to saw her and asked – “hmmm, what were you doing? What were you reading? Show me now. I went inside and given sex magazine to her. She saw and said – “hmm, you like these? You just enjoyed semi – nude bodies in pictures? Ever seen any nude body in real? I had shaken my head in no. She was smiling and laughing on me. My dick got small due to fear. She stood and came closer to me. She pulled me and opened my pant. I was not wearing under pant. I became naked from lower. She was seeing my dick and my balls.

She said – hmmm… It was so big and now, see.. It has become so small. She took my dick in her hand and pressed hard. I was not expecting this. I shouted so loud. She kept my mouth shut with her other hand and started pressing my balls. I was enjoying the pain. My dick again started erecting. She smiled and bent on her knee. She kissed my dick and pulled my foreskin back. I never did this before. It was so painful but I was baring that pain. She was wearing saree and she removed her pallu and I could see her boob’s line from her deep neck blouse. Her breath was getting faster and I also was feeling the warmness of her breath on my dick.

I was enjoying this. Till time, I read this only in stories but today it was happening with me in real. I was so horny and so excited. I caught her by her shoulder and started pressing it. She saw me and stood. She pushed me on sofa. She opened her blouse and also her bra. Wow… Her big boobs like apple.. so reddish.. came out. Her boobs were around 38. White like milk and had dark brown nipples. Dick was very wet and I could feel that something was coming out. She was only in petticoat now and she came over me. She sat crossing her legs on me and kept her boobs on my lips. I took her boobs in my hands. She said – do same, as you saw in magazine and read in stories?

I was so excited now. I was pressing her boobs and licking her nipples hard. One by one, I was sucking hard. It was so yummy. I didn’t know that woman body smell so sweet and the taste of boob so yummy. Then she removed my all clothes and made me nude. Then, she removed her petticoat. I was seeing her. It was so awesome. Her legs were making me so horny. My dick was pumping so hard. Finally, she removed her panty and I could her smooth and fair cunt. Wow… it was so sexy. Pink and surrounded by little hairs. It was looking so yummy. But I was not ready to lick it. I never did before. I read that it smell good and awesome yummy but I was not ready.

She came over me and pushed her pussy on my mouth. I could felt the mix smell of her cum and pee. Believe me friends, it was so yummy. She was shaking her ass and asked me to lick it. I tried but stopped. She knew it was first time for me. So didn’t force me much and then came back on her knees. I started playing with my dick. My dick was in its original shape and strength. I was feeling that it never been so big and thick before. She took my dick in her hands and then started licking it. Her tongue was moving on my dick. Wow.. it was so amazing. I was feeling so good. I started pressing my ass and said – its coming out. Please.. its coming out.

Then, she started masturbating me and my cum came out. It all spread on my body, on her boobs and her face too. She cleaned my dick and started pressing it again. She was licking it like lollipop. I was so horny and my dick was again ready after 15 minutes. She didn’t was more delay and she put her pussy on my dick. She was shaking her ass on my dick and pressing her pussy on dick. My eyes were closed and were enjoying the pleasure feeling. Suddenly, she sat on my dick and pushed her pussy on my dick. My entire skin got down and it was huge pain. I was about to shout but she kept her lips on my lips. She was smooching my very loud. She was jumping on my dick and my dick was pumping hard. Suddenly, she caught my shoulder tight and jumping hard.

She was so fast and aggressive. She made me so hot and horny. After few jumps, I was feeling something on my dick. She got cum. She hugged me so tight. She was kissing me madly. I was also about to come. I was shaking my ass up and after few push, I also had cum. It was so wonderful. She was still hugged me tight. After 10 minutes, she left me and said – I love you. You made me relaxed. It was so wonderful. I was hungry since long time. Today saw you naked and your dick made me horny. I love you. Please be with me and made me crazy for your always.

So friends, this is my first sex with Sarita aunty. It is was so romantic and I still love to remember that.